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Recruit Hiring Process

As members of LAFD, your duties include performing firefighting, emergency medical services, and or assisting with rescue tasks, mitigation of hazardous materials emergencies, firefighter prevention - preplans, inspections. All firefighters are required to become Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and may become Paramedics. 

  • The written requires 70% or higher to Pass. 

  • The timed run is 1.5 miles in 13:21 minutes or less on a track.

  • The CTT is required to be completed in 6:59 seconds or less.

If we notify you or if you hear of a CTT Practice Day arranged for potential candidates you are welcome to attend one of these sessions to practice the course. ​

The Criterion Task Test - CTT consists of (5) events:

  1. Stair Climb with hose pack

  2. Rope Hose Hoist

  3. Keiser Sled Machine

  4. Charged Hose Drag

  5. Dummy Drag

You must progress through the course in a predetermined path from one event to another. You will be wearing a bunker coat, helmet and gloves and SCBA tank with harness while testing.

Additional testing of a ladder climb and a confined space prop to test for heights and clausterphobia will be non-timed. 

Selection Process Begins

After an application review you will be notified that you are eligible to test in our selection process which includes a written test, timed run, and Criterion Task Test (CTT)  which is firefighter specific task combat challenge.  After the initial testing candidates will also interview in front of a panel. This process is usually scheduled over 3-4 consecutive days. 


Reference, Background and Drug Testing

'Reference, Background screening and drug testing to follow. Once in the Academy the security clearance process will continue to obtain a badge to access facilities on LANL during emergency and non-emergent events.  


Medical and Fitness and Psycological Testing

Currently LANL Occupational Medicine administers medical testing following NFPA 1582 Standard for Firefighter Physicals. LANL Occupational Wellness administers a fitness test and ensures that a medical or physical condition would not hinder an individual in the completion of an Academy or in their fire career. 


A job offer for a seat in the Academy

Once a candidate passes all initial testing an offer to join the Academy to train to become a LAFD will be extended. Offered recruits are encouraged to prepare for the Academy before its start by maintain or improving physical condition adn reach out to the Recruitment Team with any questions. 

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