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What We Pay

A Los Alamos County Firefighter has many rewards, that will benefit an individual personally and financially. Los Alamos County offers an exceptional benefits package. 

Added Benefits:

Once probation is completed there are many opportunities that may be available, such as Hazmat Tech, Technical Rescue Tech, Fire Inspector-Investigator, Wildland, Honor Guard, Bike Team, Combat Challenge. Some of these teams are incentive based and pay extra money per hour.  See How We Serve page for details.


Promotional Opportunity:
LAFD is projecting many retirements in the upcoming years and the opportunity to promote will exist. 

Working Environment:

LAFD is committed to inclusion and diversity in our work force. We are a fire family that welcomes all races and ethnicities, to include women in a non-traditional field. We work in a small mountain town with many recreational community while providing mission - critical response to protect the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The ideal of lending a helping hand when called, and to each other exists.

After 2 years Longevity Pay

Years of Service








Extra Pay Per Hour/Year (2912)

$.52  /$1,514








Recruits would receive health, vision, life and dental coverage and a pension plan, as well as, a Los Alamos County plan similar to a 401k, where the County pays 9% and the employee pays 1%., in addition to the 25 year retirement PERA plan - employer pays 65%, employee pays 35%.  Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, LTD and EAP. Optional 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.


Hourly Rate - Work Week

Starting pay for the Academy is $28.74 /hour assigned to a 40 hour work week consisting of 10 hour days of a regular schedule Monday - Thursday. Recruits will receive overtime for hours worked beyond 40. Typically (1) overnight per week is expected. 


Starting Salary - 1st Year

The first year of employment the starting salary for a Fire Recruit is $61, 500 + $7,500 Hiring Bonus, or a Fire Paramedic Recruit is $66,960 + $15,000 Hiring Bonus.  Both starting salaries don't include overtime. The average overtime in Academy is ~ $15,000.  After graduation a NM certified, EMT-Advanced would receive $1.50/hr incentive and Paramedics receive $3.75/hr incentive.   Please include certifications at time of application. 


Hiring Bonus Distribution  (+$7,500 - $15,000)

  1. Each recruit will receive $2,500 for successful completion of the first 30 days.

  2. Each recruit will then receive another $2,500 at the first pay period following graduation from the academy. (approx. 6 months). 

  3. Upon successful completion of 1-year new-hire probation. Firefighters will receive:

     a) $2,500  
     b) $10,000 for Paramedics (licensed at the time of application)

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